Axxign Task Tracking Software in 7 minutes

Why this task tracking software is free

Our software helps you prioritise and put things in good order. It makes sure you are as productive as you can be. You and your entire team! (As a matter of fact, you can have multiple teams if you want!) Assign tasks to people, invite others to your projects or just manage your own private projects. Anything is possible.

We decided it should be free, because too many people experience work related stress. Often, this is caused by an overload of tasks that are not all equally important. However, our minds aren't very good at distinguishing tasks that are important and tasks that aren't. Having software to help with this, can make the difference between burning out or staying healthy. So that's why our task tracking software is free!

Easier Free Task Tracking Software

The right software can really help you in your day to day work. Just give Axxign a whirl, if you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of todo's. You have nothing to lose, only to gain!

Easy and free task tracking software can make the difference in your daily work. Be less busy and get more done. This way you can relief yourself of stress and make your life a little easier. Use task tracking software to manage your tasks, keep track of progress and see your productivity history. With different graphs for your projects and personal progress, you have all you need to see where you stand.

Next to being able to use this software yourself, you can invite others to join your team and work on the same projects. This way everybody knows exactly who is responsible for which task, and when they are done.

Tasks are divided into different task sets, which makes this task tracking software even more powerful. In a normal todo list, you just make a list of all the things you have to do. However: moving them around, reprioritising, making changes or assigning tasks to someone else is nearly impossible. With Axxign this is much easier!

Step 1 Create your account
Step 2 Create a team
Step 3 Create a project
Step 4 Invite your colleagues