About us

Task tracking software is bloated. Full of stuff you neither want nor need. Why can't it just be simple?

Turns out: it can be.

How Axxign was born

Axxign has been developed internally, to guide our own software projects. At some point, we decided to make it public - for free. We will try to keep it free for as long as possible, by asking for donations and getting sponsorship deals. All to keep it free for you! 

Mission statement

Our mission is to eradicate stress, by making it easier to focus on what's important instead of the daily hassles. We do this by creating software that supports you in making decisions, without adding to the workload that's already there.

Vision statement

The vision we have, is that everyone can use Axxign to make their lives a little easier. It's not okay to be burnt out because of a high workload. And it's not even necessary! The vision we have, is that of a healthier and happier workforce. And we'll keep working until we reach the dream!

Available in

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dutch


Other benefits

  • 100% Free 
  • Easy to use
  • Proven effectiveness