Use Axxign for Free

Life is expensive enough. So work in teams, create your projects, talk to eachother, comment on eachothers work (be nice!) and check off all those things you did today - and do it for free.

Pay what you want

Of course, we still have to keep this thing running. And our bills don't come for free. So please feel free to contribute to this project, by contacting or by donating BitCoin.

BitCoin: 3NoTMaruSBrnPjtfNxVVueQcbs3h7ieAcf

Organisation account

If you are an organisation working with Axxign, you might want additional overviews and statistics. In the near future, we will add this option to our software for a small monthly fee of 10 USD per month.

This will include:

  • One overview with all employees
  • Productivity statistics
  • Project status overview
  • Central team management
  • And much more...

E-mail us at for more details